Are pads which you simply attach to the inside of your clothing. Because they’re thin and soft, they conceal that all-too common and especially embarrassing problem quickly and discreetly. The armpit pads protect you from uncomfortable wet spots during exciting presentations, parking, first dates and all other situations where sweat breaks out.

Now there’s a product that not only comes to your assistance during those uncomfortable moments, but also makes your clothes last longer.

1-2DRY underarm pads make the times you couldn’t wash out stains in your favourite shirt a thing of the past. Forget those high dry cleaning costs for getting your favourite jacket cleaned. 1-2DRY Underarm pads are available in 2 sizes: Medium & Large. Depending on the amount of perspiration, the size of the underarm area, and the personal needs of the consumer.

  • Project Type: Anti sweat
  • Customer: 1-2DRY
  • Channels / Amazon / Webshop
  • Project Year: 2020
  • Website: