About us

BataviCorp BV is a sales company based in the Netherlands that distributes and markets various products to different target audiences through different sales channels.

We use the following route:

  • Obtaining a distribution license for a boxed sales area (mainly bigger Europe)
  • Set up our sales strategy and present targets to our brand partners 
  • Usually we start with an online sales platform (webshops plus online platforms such as Amazon) to benchmark sales
  • With these sales results, we enter into discussions with purchasing departments of relevant retail

Through this strategy, we gain a stronger presence at retailers, enabling us to claim a better deal regarding listing fees, advertising and product rotation requirements. BataviCorp has a large, international network of distribution partners and agents by country so we have a retail entrance in several countries in various categories and branches.

BataviCorp can be your distribution partner in certain, mainly European countries but can also advise you on business to consumer market and sales strategies. Because we have set up our company by and around persons who have a lot of knowledge of the main pillars, we can offer a whole sales process.

The company USP’s

  • Sophisticated and tailor made approach in every product development, implementation, marketing & distribution
  • Product financing is based on shareholders equity
  • Established retail network in different branches and chains
  • Established distributors and agency network
  • Accurate target selection based on marketing research
  • Own warehouse facilities in Europe
  • Successful track record and tons of experience
  • International retail and end-user network